Real Talk with Michael ft. Sam Chen

Immerse in the world of research and development where skincare enthusiast Sam Chen combines skin research and material science to perfect each product we offer you.

Like a painting that goes through layers of gouache paint, this could be an analogy to refer to the meticulous process that goes behind crafting a skincare product, especially when it is aimed to suit all skin types, including sensitive skin. I recently spoke to nomel’s research and development manager, Sam Chen, on his day-to-day work routine and what it means to be sustainability in today’s context.

To go in-depth in the discussion, we decided to execute this dialogue into a podcast session, so get out your earphones and listen to us converse about skincare.

Stay tuned for more content like this, as it would be an ongoing series spotlighting on diverse beauties from all walks of life and industry professionals.

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