Our Go-To Zero-Waste Beauty Kit

With what’s going on around the world, perhaps it’s a timely moment to reflect and recoup on what aspects of life we could do better (together). When it comes to our vanity, there ought to be a cleaner way to do things without depleting the world’s natural resources.

We are a business, but we are also earthlings that see the importance of routing towards a greener lifestyle. 

Keep reading further, if you, like us, would like to bring more consciousness to the way you approach skin prepping. 

Item #01: Reusable Cleansing Pad

Finish off your batch of disposable cotton pads and make way for reusable versions that are gentler to Mother Earth. 

There’s a wide variety available online, from sustainable bamboo to microfibre options. Perhaps you can try out these that are made from hypoallergenic bamboo cotton! 

Our tip is to always wash it in one of those small mesh laundry bags, to keep them in mint condition and to make sure that it doesn’t get lost in the washing machine. 

Item #02: Reusable Ear Swab


Just like cotton pads, it’s your time to say goodbye to disposable cotton buds. 

We came across this brand (above) that came up with a reusable and sanitary alternative made in two different types. One is made for cleaning, while the other tip style is perfect for fixing your make-up. The extra bonus – it comes with a corn-based sustainable carry case, easy to travel with.

Item #03: Beauty “Pouch”

Unlike Ziploc that wears over time and could be kind of flimsy, opt for sturdy reusable travel bags like so. These are actually made for food, so it’s food-safe, BPA-free, and all that, but they make fantastic beauty pouches, especially handy for immigration hiccups, as they are transparent and not to mention its leak-proof, air-tight seal design!

Item #04: Gua Sha Facial Tool 

Our very own Pomegranate Gua Sha is functional and aesthetically pleasing. It’s also flat and compact – something that you could easily carry on-the-go. So, what’s the eco spin? Well, in the case that it no longer serves your purpose, or it has broken into pieces, do make way to your recycling bin and discard the fragments into the glass storage.

A bonus! ?

It’s something that’s not a physical item, but a spirit that we would like to instill in you, which is to be mindful. Each gesture matters. Not sure where to start? Let’s look into our water consumption. Turn off the tap while not in use. Adopt this practice while you brush your teeth, wash your hands, wash dishes, and taking a shower. It is that easy.  We’re no superheroes, so just take it one step at a time.  

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