Meditation Guide: How To Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

Manifesting is not magic, it’s very real, and you might have even manifested before at some point in the past (whether you were aware of it or not), the truth is each and every one of us can live an intentional life filled with creativity!
So when you’re manifesting, tap into the things in your life that bring you joy. Now, let’s get started.

You will notice that those who speak most of prosperity have it. Those who speak most of health, have it. Those who speak most of poverty, have it.

It is Law. It can be no other way…

The way you feel is your point of attraction, and so, the Law of Attraction is most understood when you see yourself as a magnet getting more and more of the way you feel.

When you feel lonely, you attract more loneliness. When you feel poor, you attract more poverty. When you feel sick, you attract more sickness. When you feel unhappy, you attract more unhappiness. When you feel healthy and vital and alive and prosperous – you attract more of all of those things.

The Teachings of Abraham (Esther & Jerry Hicks, 2008)

Since Covid-19 has forced us all to stay home and find more interesting ways to entertain ourselves (mine is meditating/reading about meditation), one of my favourite new things to rave about is the power of manifesting and shaping our lives due to an energy law called the Law of Attraction.

Manifesting is not magic, it’s very real, and you might have even manifested before at some point in the past (whether you were aware of it or not), the truth is each and every one of us can live an intentional life filled with creativity! 

You need to trust the process.

If you’re new to this, you should know that it requires actual work and you need to trust the process. The main reason people quit so soon and become skeptical is because they don’t truly, *wholeheartedly* believe in the power of attraction or they don’t do the work!

A common misconception with manifesting is that the universe does all the work for you: Sorry, honey, manifestation requires you to take action. Remember: The universe won’t move until you move.

When I was looking for the perfect partner, I needed to put myself out there and date around. I needed to say no to people who didn’t understand me on every level. The universe is always ready to help, but you can’t just sit there and wait for things to happen.

The Law of Attraction is based on 2 truths: A) Everything in our world is energy. B) Like energy attracts like energy.

Our thoughts are energy and the things we want to bring into our lives are energy. The universe will respond to that energy like a moth to a flame, as long as it is genuine and not forced or faked.

So when you’re manifesting, tap into the things in your life that bring you joy, and hold on! Now, let’s get started:

  1. Focus on the end goal. Ask yourself and think hard, “How will I feel once I have achieved my dreams?” “What will my life look like?” “Why do I want this?” “Will it bring more Love, Joy, Wisdom, Prosperity, etc?” Once you can imagine this end goal, and the way you would feel after achieving it, do your best to remove the object itself from that happy mental picture. Now that you are in vibrational harmony with your desire, either the object of your desire or something even better will start to come into your life. That is the law. Manifesting is all about keeping your eyes on the goal. Be clear about the things you DO want, and don’t think about the things you DO NOT want. 
  1. Expect your dreams to come true. Expectation fuels desire, and opens up more opportunities, more abundance, more positivity and motivational drive for your dreams to quickly bear fruit. The more you believe in your dreams and are able to remove all traces of doubt from your mind, the sooner you will begin to see positive changes. However, this will only apply to you if you already have an idea or plan of action in mind. Unfortunately, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” If being a millionaire was only a matter of wanting it bad enough, then there would be a shitton of millionaires. Therefore, picture your dream life and work backwards to make a plan, and go in the direction of those goals. Don’t worry if the plan isn’t too detailed and don’t be surprised when your plan shifts in a whole other direction. You are co-creating with the Universe, and sometimes she has better things in store for you than you could have ever imagined. 
  1. Always picture your goal as if it were already your current reality. The reason for this is to help you realize you already have everything it takes to achieve those goals, and allow yourself to do so. Also, the self help book, ‘Teachings of Abraham’ states, “Your point of attraction is now.” Meaning, whatever you are feeling at present is what you are attracting. So be very conscious of your “energy” and what you attract. Remember that like energy attracts like energy – so if you focus on the lack of something, you are only attracting more “lack of that something.” Deliberately choosing positive feelings and focal points will keep you in alignment with your desires.
  1. Use tools to help you maintain focus. It can be difficult to stay motivated 24/7, so find ways to give yourself that extra push. Set goals, write and repeat affirmations (more on that in the future), create a vision board, keep a gratitude journal, or meditate. Relax, listen to yourself, state your affirmations out loud and visualize the actions and feelings involved with your goals and dreams.
  1. Change your surroundings. Your environment right now only supports the life you are living in the present moment, so if you want to change your life, your environment must change along with it. For example, if you want to make more money or start a business, you need to say goodbye to lazy people who blame the world for their failures, and surround yourself with entrepreneurs and go-getters. Most of us can feel stuck by our situations without even realizing we have all the power to change it. Ask yourself how your environment is hindering you, and then start making the changes so that success is unavoidable.
  1. Preserve an attitude of gratitude. While you focus on making your hopes and dreams a reality, it is crucial that you don’t look upon your present situation with disdain or disapproval. Instead, be appreciative of all that you have accomplished thus far. Life has brought you here to this moment, to help you go further. Be grateful for every opportunity that comes your way, and look at each experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. Don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake, but practice forgiveness. Repeat positive affirmations. 
  1. Let go of the past, once and for all. We all have past traumas and emotional baggage that we carry with us, but in order to start living the life you want, you’ve got to release old fears and prejudices. “Heaven’s not beyond the clouds; it’s just beyond our fears.” The more you dwell on your past failings and make excuses, the more room you’re creating for failure to occur again. Regret and fear are the only things stopping you from achieving greatness, and they exist solely within your mind. Accept responsibility for your life. 
  1. Dream big. Don’t be afraid to live your wildest dreams, and to ask for more than you “need.” You are the child of a rich father in heaven – your potential is endless. Ask for all that you desire, change your mindset so that you become ready to receive all that the universe has to offer, be prepared to do the work, but most of all enjoy the journey. Once you have achieved mind, body and spiritual alignment, then “I tell you the Truth, If ye have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, move from here to there: And it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20
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