Help Wanted: Does My Skin Get Used To Products?

There may be a couple reasons why you’re feeling like your skin has hit a plateau when it comes to using skincare products…

On your journey to glowing, beautiful skin, you’ve definitely come across one or two products that were absolutely working miracles, but after several months, you’re just not seeing the same results…is it because your skin got used to the products?

The short answer is no, the skin simply does not build up an immunity to skincare products over time. What happens when you apply a good product is that your skin’s receptors will take it in, and it will go to work immediately to perform its function. It won’t just one day decide to stop working. So slow down honey, you don’t need to go out and try new skincare products just yet. 

Nevertheless, there may be a couple reasons why you’re feeling like your skin has hit a plateau when it comes to using skincare products…

#1) Your skin is constantly changing.

Everyday, our skin is on a busy schedule of reacting to the environment, regulating itself, repairing damaged parts, etc. Like every other organ in our body, our skin is affected by seasonal changes, hormonal changes or imbalances, stress, and nutrition, so it shouldn’t be surprising that changes in our daily lives are sometimes reflected on our skin. For women especially, menstruation periods are a time when our skin tends to be more vulnerable, secreting a lot more waxy sebum. Therefore, any skincare products introduced during this time of the month, may be more susceptible to pore-clogging. If you are under a lot of stress, your skin also becomes a lot more vulnerable, and sensitive in general. Even if you have been using the exact same products with the exact same routine sans problem, your skin under stress is simply going to be more easily irritated, or prone to react with redness or other inflammatory responses.

#2) Your skincare product has already fulfilled its job of rebalancing your skin.

A lot of skincare products containing AHAs or Vitamin Cs can work miracles and have amazing results within the first couple uses, but it’s important to remember that there’s only a certain extent that the skincare product itself can do. Skincare is more like a supplementary product that supports your natural skin’s functionality, helping it restore its natural regulatory processes. It’s not prescribed medicine from your dermatologist. External factors or hormonal imbalances can sometimes disrupt our skin’s natural cycles, which is where skincare products containing Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Retinoids or AHAs can be super helpful in boosting our skin’s  functionality and offering support in rebalancing and replenishing nutrients. However, once those broken barriers are fixed, the job is done. Another reason is simply that as we watch our skin become better day by day, our own perception is seeing fewer results over time because what you are seeing now is the new normal.

#3) Your skincare product is losing its effectiveness. 

This is a very common problem especially with products that contain very unstable ingredients such as vitamin C. Products containing vitamin C are more effective within the first few weeks after purchase compared to three months or much less six months after they have been sitting on the shelf. Do note that all skincare formulas begin to degrade upon contact with air or exposure to UV. This is also why packaging solutions are super important, as well as the preservatives used in the formula. Remember to always be aware of where and how you store your skincare purchases, and also be mindful of how long it takes for you to use up your skincare products. Lastly, always check the expiry date of your products, because not only will it stop working, but it may also cause irritations. 

A little tip for all the sisters on this skin love journey is to always check the expiry date on your product first and also write down the date in which you opened the product right on the bottle, so if it’s old, just get rid of it. Finally, remember that skincare is a supplement and not a medicine, it should work to support and boost your skin’s original functions, and not go against it to change or transform your skin’s qualities. The best type of skincare is the one that protects your skin and helps it function to the fullest!

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