Fruity Glass Skin Makeup Tutorial with Pat Cortez

While summer might be coming to an end, that doesn’t meet that your mood should be all dampened. We recently spoke to Manila-based makeup enthusiast and content creator, Pat Cortez to show us her go-to fruity glass skin makeup look using warm, peachy tints that you can recreate within 5 steps for that #NeverEndingSummer vibes.

Who says that you have to look drab while staying eternally at home during this global pandemic! Get that glow on by reading more.

Step 1:

She uses our Low-maintenance Essence, which is a hybrid between a serum and toner that preps the skin seamlessly with moisture.

Step 2:

Once the essence is all absorbed, she goes ahead with sun protection. Pat notes that while she is most at home under partial lockdown, she still follows any daytime beauty routine with sun protection. UVA rays penetrate through glass, so if you’re close to a window or out in your backyard, then broad-spectrum sunscreen will come in handy.

Pat’s choice is the Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen in SPF50+

Step 3:

“My skin is well-rested since that I’m at home and have been eliminating the use of foundation and concealer”, she says. Pat goes straight ahead and puts blush on her cheeks using Colourette‘s colour tint in style, Waves.

“This blush blends well with my natural skin tone and gives off a vibrant, dewy look. The colour tint is versatile and can be used on your lips and eyelids too.”

Step 4:

For that extra oomph, Pat charges her eyelids with this copper tone from J.Cat‘s Freedom Palette that has a glistening effect.

Step 5:

You can’t expect to leave your room without a cute pout, right? She finishes her look with a sumptuous, glassy lip gloss by Ever Bilena, and that’s that.

Hungry for more glam inspiration, head over and follow Pat Cortez on Instagram @iampatcortez!

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